The innerwise Complete Healing System
by Uwe Albrecht

Healing belongs in the hands of everyone, not just in those of specialists. Now, you can be free to take your health and happiness back into your own hands.

The innerwise Complete Healing System is my gift to you and it helps you do just that.

Uwe Albrecht

You have created your current life situation and you are the only human being who can change it
— if you want to. innerwise helps you do just that.

About innerwise and Uwe Albrecht

Practical tools that assist individuals in unlocking the connection to one’s innate wisdom.
innerwise pops the promise of potential and allows people to become living, breathing phenomenons. homo integers.

Uwe Albrecht MD is a medical doctor and spiritual gangster Born and grown up in Germany he was able to use the old german potential to discover, analyze and create up to perfection. He developed the innerwise system and wrote ten books, all bestsellers with translations in twelve languages. Over 150,000 people around the world are already applying innerwise for themselves, their families, clients, patients, systems, companies. The words on his business card are: "The creative madness had another orgasm."

“A compact box that contains all the ‘ingredients’ from the Complete Healing System: the booklet, which precisely explains how to use the Complete Healing System and describes the meaning of the healing symphony cards. The test cards and healing symphony cards, as well as the amulet for storing the healing frequencies. The set includes everything you need for balancing yourself on the energetic level."
Verena Debnar

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Innerwise: The Complete Healing System
by Uwe Albrecht

ISBN: 978-1401941840
Publisher: Hay House

Big things come in small packages

Starting in 1996, the innerwise healing cards, containing several thousand remedies and test topics, began to grow out of my work as a physician.
And once they had proven themselves as handy tools for diagnostics and therapy in everyday practice, a compact version of the Complete Healing System was released in 2005 called innerwise for everyone.

The short path to glory

One Sunday evening in 2010, the publisher Michael Görden rang my doorbell. Someone had recommended me to him, and he wanted to meet me. If I had asked him for an appointment, I would have to have waited for months, he said.

I tried to explain innerwise and the idea of the Complete Healing Systems to him, but it didn’t seem to interest him that much.
He just looked at me and said he’d like to sign a contract with me. The product is good, but what really convinced him was my energy.
Nine months later, the Complete Healing System became a bestseller and has stayed that way ever since.

Hay House published the first English edition in 2012, and a Spanish version appeared in 2017.

“It works! Anyone can do it, regardless of whether you believe in spirituality or not. These are basic laws of humankind and everything that surrounds us in the morphogenetic field. They can be retrieved in and through us at any time." Andrea Schmorleiz

The free Complete Healing System app: innerwise Basic

The Complete Healing System is available as a free app for smartphones and tablets.

The app is already used and loved by people from 97 countries.

Since 2014, it has been available in English and German. Starting in July 2018, eight more languages will be available: Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish

“The card set makes it possible for your to heal and recognize many areas of your own life. I highly recommend it! It has so many dimensions because it incorporates all kinds of remedies, like homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, angelic powers, totem animals and more. I work with it on the level of vibrations, which is the basis for everything that manifests itself. The remedy of the future!" Katja Rini

Printed in three languages, applicable in ten!

Buy the innerwise Complete Healing System with 309 healing cards in English, German or Spanish, including the amulet, test cards, copy card and booklet, and you can download another language package, with a translation of the booklet, test cards and copy card here.
Then you’re all set for worldwide fun!

“I have no idea how and why it works, but it does! I even validated it through myostatic testing. I can definitely recommend the innerwise Complete Healing System as a day-to-day aid.” Paole

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